Playstation 5 Price: What Do We Know So Far?

As far as any new and modern gaming console is concerned, one of the factors which ultimately end up having a role to play in its success or failure is the price. Following this maxim, we can safely state that the Playstation 5 price will play a major role in determining whether the new console is a phenomenal success or a spectacular failure. What do we know of the price point of the upcoming Playstation 5 and what can we expect on this front? Let us see.

Playstation 5 Price: History Speaks

As far as the price of Playstation 5 is concerned, it will be interesting to note what the historical precedents have to say. When the original Playstation was released, way back in December of 1994, the price tag was a then-princely $299. That one console set up a revolution of sorts as far as the global gaming industry was concerned. It led to many competitors being born and many have since then perished. Only Microsoft, with its Xbox, and Sony, with its Playstation, have managed to survive the years.


Next came the Playstation 2, which was released 6 years later in 2000. When the PS2 released, it was a huge success, with thousands of units being sold out overnight from retail stores. It also led to a resurgence of gaming enthusiasm as a whole. The Playstation 2 came for a price of $299, the same price tag as its immediate predecessor. 

Six years on, we came to the Playstation 3. The PS3, as it came to be known widely, was available for a whopping $599. This was a marked departure from previous pricing strategies, as Sony had trod with caution. Of course, the $599 price tag is not absolute. There were many models, of which the lowest or the base model came for $599. This means that Sony had opted to price its console higher even though it stood the chance of discouraging many customers.

The last release, in 2013, was the Playstation 4, which, once again, had a lower price point of $399. This meant that many customers now had direct access to modern technology so essential to the prevalence of modern gaming. This also meant that the gaming industry had enough customers to spread the enormous development costs around. In fact, we believe that this last part is also applicable to the Playstation 5 price tag as well.

Thanks to the prevalence of cloud computing and 4K TV consoles around the world, Sony need not take these into consideration when deciding upon the price of the PS5. We believe that the Sony Playstation 5 will come for around $499.

Wrap Up

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Kyrie Irving & Shaquille O’Neal Are NBA 2K18’s Cover Stars

The wait is over! We now know who are the cover stars of NBA 2K18. One of the biggest video games of contemporary times is undoubtedly NBA 2K18. With each passing day by, fans are getting acquainted of more information of this highly popular game and the latest one concern the cover star of this saga.

As we told you, the cover star spot for NBA 2K18, as has been revealed by the developer is none other than Kyrie Irving or Caveliers has been chosen. He will be the cover star for the standard edition of the game which has been priced at $59.99. Irving has said that he is an avid player of the series and that he feels honored to be the cover star of the game. Sharing his feelings, Irving has said that it is surreal and has commented that he can’t wait to dominate the virtual court with all of his fans this fall. He along with Cavaliers is ready to start their third consecutive NBA finals matchup with the Golden State Warriors. His unbelievable clutch shooting abilities mixed with off-the-dribble moves have given him a respectable position in NBA.

The highly coveted star will now join the supreme list of NBA players.

It was confirmed by 2K Sports. The 25-year-old America n professional basketball player is one of the best basketball players in the world right now. Among the many honours of the player are the facts that he was named NBA Rookie Of The Year for 2011-12, NBA ALL-Star Game MVP 2014 and an NBA Championship in the year 2016. Moreover, he has also played for the national team of the USA, for whom he has won gold at the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup and at the Summer Olympics of 2016.


The game, which is nothing but a franchise of basketball stimulation video games, was developed and launched in 1999 and have been releasing sequel edition every year since them, all of which have been met with varied levels of successes.

How will NBA 2K18 perform with critics and fans remains to be seen. Visual Concepts is its developer, while its publishers are Sega, who served from the year 1999 to the year 2004, and now 2K Sports, since the year 2005.

The first edition was launched on November 10, 1999, while the latest version, which was called NBA 2K17, was released on September 16, 2016. So, it has been an 18 year journey and still counting. And it is not ready to stop anytime soon.

Meanwhile, for the legend edition, the cover star is Hall Of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. The Vice-President of NBA 2K18, Alfie Brody has stated that they are thrilled to have Irving as their cover athlete, alongside Shaquille.

The NBA 2k18 game will finally be launched in 2017 fall on September 15. There will be an Early Tip-Off launch in 2017 too. The Legends version will have its own list of pre-order features. The details of the standard version include Kyrie outfit pack, 5,000 virtual currency and 10 weekly MyTeam packs, among others.

They will be better and bigger than the ones we will get in the Standard version.

Now that the information is known about the cover star of NBA 2K18, the next information that we are eagerly waiting for are the features of the epic saga.


After Tekken 7 Release, What The Fans Are Expecting To Get Tekken 8

Tekken 8 is possibly one of the most speculated games now which is quite an enigma. Long being a cult favorite, the Tekken series has successfully hit its target garnering numerous game buffs in the process, ever since the game was introduced in 1994. 2017 will witness another mind-blowing Tekken game (touted to be the ninth installment).

After the arcade version in 2015, and the updated version in 2016, serious gaming gurus now cannot wait anymore for yet another version that is rolling out for PC and consoles. But here we are more concerned about whether fans will be capable of getting their hands on yet another main entry under the name Tekken 8!


Tekken 7: Gameplay

Tekken 7 has been a wild hit ever since the game was released in 2005, with the new version launched on June 2, 2017. For platforms, the game is playable on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It has been three years since the game was released in the Japanese arcade, so it logical for developers to balance the closure with perfection. In the graphics aspects, Tekken 7 looks perfect powering the Unreal Engine 4 offered by detailed characters as well as the dynamic environment. As for the devs, they are sure of the fact that the game consists of the most tightly integrated stories. But that’s not the ultimate reason for fans to get their hands on the game. With an inclusion of a traditional Arcade Mode, alongside Treasure Mode, the gameplay gives you an opportunity to pit against an endless gauntlet of opponents along with chances of unlocking the clothing with an addition of earning in-game currency. At the release, the game includes a roster of 36 fighters, including 10 entirely new in the franchise. The most surprising addition to Tekken 7 does not only make you a third person observer but also strips off most of the UI of the game for an essential training mode rather than the full-fledged game.

Tekken 8: When can we expect?

After Tekken 7, fans now want to move on with another full-fledged game under the Tekken series, perhaps Tekken 8? But as said earlier, Tekken 8 comes to us as an enigma; we cannot really expect the game to roll out anytime sooner. Thus, we take a stab for Tekken 8 release date at least not before 2018.

In conclusion, we can say that the developers will get a chance to explore yet another Tekken world with a new story arc if at all Tekken 8 happens.

Xbox 2 Key Specs & Design: What’s New in Store?

Microsoft at E3 has finally unveiled about the long awaited gaming console, Xbox One X, which was initially familiar with the name Xbox 2. The codename has perhaps been taken into consideration and developers decided not to remove the code name; instead, the long anticipated Xbox 2 is going to arrive with the name Xbox One X. Check out some of the key specs that have been listed below.

Xbox 2 Key Specs- Xbox 2 is going to roll out with an eight-core CPU that’d be clocked at 2.3GHz. Alongside there’d be 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM, featuring a GPU clocked at 1172MHz. As per the previous reports, we already are familiar that Xbox One X will be getting launched with 6 teraflops of graphical computing power. More trivial details include the machine to be equipped with a 1 TB of the hard drive as well as the Ultra HD Blu-ray player (similar to Xbox One S). Officially, Microsoft states this console to be the most powerful machine ever launched. On a serious note, fans would not be getting the GPU horsepower of the newest high-end cards from the Nvidia and AMD. But with the combination of Dolby Atmos and Blu-ray player as it has made the console capable of being one of the wider gaming consoles than that of the high-end modern PCs these days.


Xbox 2 Design- Exteriorly the design of Xbox 2 quite resembles with that of the Xbox One S with a similar design blueprint. As we know, One S was a breath of fresh, and fans are entirely content to Microsoft for creating the similar trends over and over again. On the basis of size, the upcoming console is a bit smaller than the old Xbox One S; but the game-changer here is the color variant being different from the previous version. Xbox One S sported a clean white color scheme; whereas Xbox One X is more of a space gray, color wise. It’d be quite unnatural if hardware too were identical to that of its predecessor, but it’s obviously different from One S in order to avoid confusion. On the front, One X has subtle slot-loading disc slot alongside a single USB port as well as Xbox logo designed as ‘on’ button.

Xbox 2 Release Date as scheduled by the developers, this upcoming gaming console is likely to release not before 2019. For more information on Xbox 2 stay glued to every possible news and rumors.

Is Borderlands 3 Finally In The Making?

 Ever since video gaming world boomed with advancement, people have tried to be savvier and smarter with the gaming industry. Borderlands series has been a huge name in the video gaming world where fans have been offered with massive hits one after another. Borderlands 3 is one of the greater names which have hit the headline for a couple of months now. And since January 2015, developers have have not yet confirmed Borderlands 3 to be under the developmental process. Until now we have just gathered this news, but folks brace up because we are now going to reveal some important facts about Borderland 3 gameplay right below, read on people!

 Borderlands 3 Gameplay: Check out the Latest Buzz

 Borderlands gaming series is an action role-playing first-person shooter; we are pretty much sure about the same in Borderlands 3 as well. This installment will evolve in terms of the open world gameplay resembling its predecessor Borderlands 2 which is still now immensely popular among serious gamers who are much into slam dunk gaming mode.


 Borderlands 3 gameplay is speculated to be based primarily on the missions. The completion of missions and collecting loot having sundry articles weapons, shields and skins as well as other articles that are significant for the players in order to survive. In the base game, there are four playable character classes each with own outstanding skills and capabilities. In the gaming parlance, it is familiarly called skill trees. Borderlands 3 characters can summon beneficial places such as a high turret or can phase-lock enemies by entrapping them in a sphere of energy by temporary means.

 As Borderlands 3 confirmed by Gearbox has become the much-awaited rumor, we might speculate that Mikey Neumann is right now penning Borderlands 3. In the list of Borderlands 3 character, a new character is going to get introduced in the new gameplay, with probable news the son of fan favorite Scooter who is not seen before. This time we are unsure whether Handsome Jack is supposed to make a comeback or not, but character Scooper is a much speculated one out her. As of wishlists, randomly generated guns, as well as deux ex-machina moments, are fans’ desires in the offing.

 Borderlands 3 Release Date:

 It has been more than two years since Borderlands 2 turned out to be a massive hit, fans still now could not get over it. But talking about Borderlands 3, well it safely can be said that hardcore gamers have started counting days for the next project to get unveiled sooner as possible. Borderlands 3 confirmed by Gearbox has not received any confirmation whether it is into the developing process or not, and we cannot really assure any confirmed Borderlands 3 release date. As news and rumors are doing the rounds, safely we take a stab for the release date of Borderlands 3 no sooner than the mid or fall of 2018.

 The entire world is looking forward to the Borderlands 3 gaming installment as it is surely going to be the greatest addition to the franchise which had challenged the rules and regulations of video games way back in the year, 2009. Despite the delay that Borderlands 3 took over these days, we are likely sure that Gearbox will safely and massively deliver another unique experience with the release of Borderlands 3.


Indian fans are excited as the Indian Super League is going to be a part of FIFA 18

Ever since the gaming industry started booming, there arrived various games which took gamers by storm. Now that we have already witnessed an impressive number of gaming enthusiasts in the field of football-based games, FIFA games stand out to be the finest video gaming consoles when talked about the house of football gaming. And now that fans have already witnessed FIFA 17 and its success, serious gamers want to move on with yet another console of the FIFA games.

Ever since EA Sports released the game in the year 1993, it successfully yielded better consoles after every second year. Now according to rumors, has already been in developmental process, and makers are trying hard to focus on some glitches which were seen in the previous edition. So gamers around the globe, you can be assured that you will be able to play FIFA 18, hopefully by the end of 2017. But if you are looking for the exact FIFA 18 release date then it is surely impossible to speculate, but if at all FIFA maintains its trends then we hope the makers to unveil the game by the end of September.


Coming to the glitches that developers are predicted to develop in the next installment of FIFA, there are few in the queue. First, we have the graphical glitches; which was really hilarious in FIFA 17. Players without heads, referee pulling the yellow card out of nowhere; these were some technical glitches that are predicted to get fixed in the next edition. However, one thing the developers are predicted to do, i.e. improving those penalty shootouts. It becomes tough at times for players to hit the ball and aim for the corner shots; we hope these glitches are resolved with the FIFA 18 console.

 With FIFA we have witnessed Women’s League in FIFA 16. Unfortunately, while choosing to play the women’s football, fans had to select the international team for women. Thereby they wouldn’t be getting an option of playing club football. With FIFA 16, fans were highly amused, so we hope EA would look into this matter and also bring back the Women’s League as well.

Wrap Up…

With FIFA 18, Indian fans are also amused because rumor says, there would be Indian Super League getting to be a part of the game. But once the game is released, then only the revelation can be made.

WWE 2K18 Might Come with a Number of New Inclusions

WWE 2K18 is one of the videos that will definitely hit the market at some point in time this year. And there are a number of changes that are going to take place. The changes might take place in the form of additions as well as exclusions. And here we are with a list of probabilities of who is going to be added to the roster which is already fraught with a number of famous wrestlers.

The expectations are high that there are going to be a number of additions going to be made. And that list includes the likes of popular actors as well as political figures. And talking about political figures, we have Donald Trump. It is not unknown that Donald Trump had graced the big stage of WWE and we believe that he is going to be one of the unlockable characters in the roster of the WWE. The list also includes popular American rapper and actor Snoop Dogg and Mike Tyson. So that comes as a real bonus for all the fans. In fact, this will attract a number of non-followers of WWE into the game simply based on the names that are going to come in.

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However, these are not the only additions that all the fans are looking forward to in the upcoming edition of the game in the WWE 2K series developed by 2K Games. And these additions should be made keeping in mind the followers of the game WWE. Before going into the names that should be included it should be mentioned that nothing has been revealed by the developer of the game regarding the additions and the exclusions of the playable characters. So what we are stating is something that is out of speculations that are making rounds.

The first addition that all the fans would love to see is the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. The Cruiserweight Championship found its way back into the mainstream event of WWE in the month of September last year which made it an impossibility to arrive in the previous edition of the game in the WWE 2K series. And that somewhat sets up the stage for its arrival in WWE 2K18. It will be really great to see the likes of TJ Perkins, Brian Hendrick, and Rich Swann along with Tajiri making an arrival on the scenes.

Not only that, there are a number of inclusions that are going to be made on the roster and most of those are youngsters. In the Women’s section, it is believed that Ember Moon is going to be added to the list of playable characters. Other than that, Bobby Roode, Andrade Almas, and Roderick Strong are going to be added to the ro


ster. All these additions are going to be made from the WWE NXT which is meant for developing future stars of the main events of the WWE.

So it will be absorbing to keep an eye on the list of playable characters when WWE 2K18 is rolled out by its developers 2K Games. It is definitely going to be one of the best that the fans have come across in the WWE 2K Series.