Playstation 5 Price: What Do We Know So Far?

As far as any new and modern gaming console is concerned, one of the factors which ultimately end up having a role to play in its success or failure is the price. Following this maxim, we can safely state that the Playstation 5 price will play a major role in determining whether the new console is a phenomenal success or a spectacular failure. What do we know of the price point of the upcoming Playstation 5 and what can we expect on this front? Let us see.

Playstation 5 Price: History Speaks

As far as the price of Playstation 5 is concerned, it will be interesting to note what the historical precedents have to say. When the original Playstation was released, way back in December of 1994, the price tag was a then-princely $299. That one console set up a revolution of sorts as far as the global gaming industry was concerned. It led to many competitors being born and many have since then perished. Only Microsoft, with its Xbox, and Sony, with its Playstation, have managed to survive the years.


Next came the Playstation 2, which was released 6 years later in 2000. When the PS2 released, it was a huge success, with thousands of units being sold out overnight from retail stores. It also led to a resurgence of gaming enthusiasm as a whole. The Playstation 2 came for a price of $299, the same price tag as its immediate predecessor. 

Six years on, we came to the Playstation 3. The PS3, as it came to be known widely, was available for a whopping $599. This was a marked departure from previous pricing strategies, as Sony had trod with caution. Of course, the $599 price tag is not absolute. There were many models, of which the lowest or the base model came for $599. This means that Sony had opted to price its console higher even though it stood the chance of discouraging many customers.

The last release, in 2013, was the Playstation 4, which, once again, had a lower price point of $399. This meant that many customers now had direct access to modern technology so essential to the prevalence of modern gaming. This also meant that the gaming industry had enough customers to spread the enormous development costs around. In fact, we believe that this last part is also applicable to the Playstation 5 price tag as well.

Thanks to the prevalence of cloud computing and 4K TV consoles around the world, Sony need not take these into consideration when deciding upon the price of the PS5. We believe that the Sony Playstation 5 will come for around $499.

Wrap Up

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