Is Borderlands 3 Finally In The Making?

 Ever since video gaming world boomed with advancement, people have tried to be savvier and smarter with the gaming industry. Borderlands series has been a huge name in the video gaming world where fans have been offered with massive hits one after another. Borderlands 3 is one of the greater names which have hit the headline for a couple of months now. And since January 2015, developers have have not yet confirmed Borderlands 3 to be under the developmental process. Until now we have just gathered this news, but folks brace up because we are now going to reveal some important facts about Borderland 3 gameplay right below, read on people!

 Borderlands 3 Gameplay: Check out the Latest Buzz

 Borderlands gaming series is an action role-playing first-person shooter; we are pretty much sure about the same in Borderlands 3 as well. This installment will evolve in terms of the open world gameplay resembling its predecessor Borderlands 2 which is still now immensely popular among serious gamers who are much into slam dunk gaming mode.


 Borderlands 3 gameplay is speculated to be based primarily on the missions. The completion of missions and collecting loot having sundry articles weapons, shields and skins as well as other articles that are significant for the players in order to survive. In the base game, there are four playable character classes each with own outstanding skills and capabilities. In the gaming parlance, it is familiarly called skill trees. Borderlands 3 characters can summon beneficial places such as a high turret or can phase-lock enemies by entrapping them in a sphere of energy by temporary means.

 As Borderlands 3 confirmed by Gearbox has become the much-awaited rumor, we might speculate that Mikey Neumann is right now penning Borderlands 3. In the list of Borderlands 3 character, a new character is going to get introduced in the new gameplay, with probable news the son of fan favorite Scooter who is not seen before. This time we are unsure whether Handsome Jack is supposed to make a comeback or not, but character Scooper is a much speculated one out her. As of wishlists, randomly generated guns, as well as deux ex-machina moments, are fans’ desires in the offing.

 Borderlands 3 Release Date:

 It has been more than two years since Borderlands 2 turned out to be a massive hit, fans still now could not get over it. But talking about Borderlands 3, well it safely can be said that hardcore gamers have started counting days for the next project to get unveiled sooner as possible. Borderlands 3 confirmed by Gearbox has not received any confirmation whether it is into the developing process or not, and we cannot really assure any confirmed Borderlands 3 release date. As news and rumors are doing the rounds, safely we take a stab for the release date of Borderlands 3 no sooner than the mid or fall of 2018.

 The entire world is looking forward to the Borderlands 3 gaming installment as it is surely going to be the greatest addition to the franchise which had challenged the rules and regulations of video games way back in the year, 2009. Despite the delay that Borderlands 3 took over these days, we are likely sure that Gearbox will safely and massively deliver another unique experience with the release of Borderlands 3.