Indian fans are excited as the Indian Super League is going to be a part of FIFA 18

Ever since the gaming industry started booming, there arrived various games which took gamers by storm. Now that we have already witnessed an impressive number of gaming enthusiasts in the field of football-based games, FIFA games stand out to be the finest video gaming consoles when talked about the house of football gaming. And now that fans have already witnessed FIFA 17 and its success, serious gamers want to move on with yet another console of the FIFA games.

Ever since EA Sports released the game in the year 1993, it successfully yielded better consoles after every second year. Now according to rumors, has already been in developmental process, and makers are trying hard to focus on some glitches which were seen in the previous edition. So gamers around the globe, you can be assured that you will be able to play FIFA 18, hopefully by the end of 2017. But if you are looking for the exact FIFA 18 release date then it is surely impossible to speculate, but if at all FIFA maintains its trends then we hope the makers to unveil the game by the end of September.


Coming to the glitches that developers are predicted to develop in the next installment of FIFA, there are few in the queue. First, we have the graphical glitches; which was really hilarious in FIFA 17. Players without heads, referee pulling the yellow card out of nowhere; these were some technical glitches that are predicted to get fixed in the next edition. However, one thing the developers are predicted to do, i.e. improving those penalty shootouts. It becomes tough at times for players to hit the ball and aim for the corner shots; we hope these glitches are resolved with the FIFA 18 console.

 With FIFA we have witnessed Women’s League in FIFA 16. Unfortunately, while choosing to play the women’s football, fans had to select the international team for women. Thereby they wouldn’t be getting an option of playing club football. With FIFA 16, fans were highly amused, so we hope EA would look into this matter and also bring back the Women’s League as well.

Wrap Up…

With FIFA 18, Indian fans are also amused because rumor says, there would be Indian Super League getting to be a part of the game. But once the game is released, then only the revelation can be made.